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Respiratory protection masks

Konrad International ist Spezialist für Atemschutzmasken unterschiedlicher Schutzklassen.

We offer you the entire product range for effective protection for the most diverse requirements. The effectiveness of a respirator is divided into three different FFP classes. The abbreviation FFP stands for "filtering face piece". The so-called total leakage is particularly relevant for the classification of a mask, as this is determined by the filter passage and leaks at the face and nose.

Our respiratory protection masks are subject to strict quality and durability controls, therefore they are certified according to European standards.

Protective masks

FFP2 and FFP3 protective masks are designed to protect against harmful and mutagenic substances in the air we breathe. Masks of this protection class filter at least 94% of these hazardous substances. The workplace limit value may be exceeded by a maximum of 10 times. FFP2 respiratory protection masks usually protect employees in the metal industry or mining from aerosols, mist and smoke, which in the long term lead to respiratory diseases.

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face masks

Our three-layer mouth-nose masks are breathable and easy to wear. They can be droplet, smog, pollen and dust proof and are designed to protect other persons from micro-organisms that are exhaled by the wearer.

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